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About Us

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Indigo Supply Chain Solutions was inspired and created by the vision of Founder Shekhar Patwardhan; this organization aims to provide clients with customized cost-saving strategies. Our Founder has 30+ years of purchasing experience with various multinational OEMs. During his tenure, he came across several challenges that allowed him to gain specialized knowledge which helped him understand the difficulties faced by many businesses, especially those with limited resources.

Some of the most critical issues noted within OEMs include a lack of data analytics and minimal efforts to develop alternative strategies to optimize company spending. Indigo plans to tackle some of these issues by providing customized data monitoring tools and by presenting a clear breakdown of activity-based cost (ABC) analysis. Successful implementation of the applicable strategies will result in the best possible saving potential for your business.

At Indigo we pride ourselves with integrity in all services that are offered, therefore we are utmost committed to adding value to your business.

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